Welcome Students!


You may not know it yet, but YOU are an inventor!!

You will be working with your teacher, family, and other students over the next few weeks to solve a problem, create a solution, design and build the solution – and along the way you can say “I am an Inventor”.

Becoming an Inventor You Will…

  • think of a problem in your life – or in your parents’ lives – or in your friends’ lives – that can be improved or needs solving
  • design a solution to this problem.  Your teacher or your parents or another adult can help, but you must do the work.  That includes research to make sure this invention doesn’t already exist!  Or if it does exist, how does your solution improve it?
  • keep an Inventor’s Log describing each step in your process.
  • build the invention (spending less than $25).  You can get help from an adult, but the work must be yours.
  • make a display board that tells the story of your invention, what it does, who might use it and  you will demonstrate and explain your invention in your classroom.
  • have the opportunity to show your invention through Invent Washington at your school – or even at the Washington Invention Convention!

Congratulations Inventors!



The WA iCon is on hold at the moment. In the meantime, we welcome you to participate in the Independent Innovator Challenge for a chance to earn a spot at both the National Innovator’s Challenge and then possibly even on to Globals!

Independent Innovator Information

For all those wanting to participate in a challenge this year, find pertinent information below:
Register for the I.I.C.
Information Packet (with Checklist)